Kupilka uses cookies at online shop (“Online Shop”), which is currently available in Finland only.


Cookies are text files that a browser will save on the computer or terminal once using internet. Cookies enable, among others, proper function of the Online Shop.


A cookie that has been saved on the user’s computer or terminal, allows the Online Shop to remember the user’s device and collect information about the pages and functions used in the user’s browser. This enables companies to find out how popular individual pages are.


To deliver services on the internet, it is technically required that cookies are saved. In e-commerce it is important that a website remembers user’s visits on the online shop, and which products have been looked at as well as added to the shopping basket or wish list. Cookies enable the website to remember which products have been added to the shopping basket when the user visits other pages prior to purchase.


The identity of the user cannot be found out or known by using cookies. Cookies do not spread viruses or other malware. Cookies do not collect information about any other matter, such us which other internet pages the user visits or how the user uses his/her computer.


Kupilka needs cookies, among others, to collect statistics, improve the Online Shop, and ensure undisrupted use of the Online Shop. The use of cookies is necessary for the Online Shop to remember the products added to the shopping basket and sign-in information. Additionally, Kupilka uses cookies to follow the user’s browser habits. The collected information is used by Kupilka to present targeted information to the user.


Kupilka also uses cookies for marketing purposes to follow the use of several websites. This information is used to compile customer profiles from the user’s search and browser habits.


The Online Shop asks the user to accept the use of cookies when the user visits the Online Shop for the first time. When the user visits the Online Shop, a bar on the bottom will show up where it is told that this website uses cookies. Should the user continue the use of the Online Shop, bar disappears and the cookies are in use. The user has the option not to accept the cookies from the setting of the browser. Please note that in this case the Online Shop does not function perfectly and some defects may appear. The user can check which cookies have been saved at any time. Additionally, the user has the possibility to alter or erase saved cookies.