Kupilka Knife in gift box


  • Gift box measurements 360 mm / 145 mm / 55 mm
  • Gift box weight including knife 455 g / 15.7 ounces


KUPILKA LC 850 KNIFE: Classic trustworthy knife for bigger hands.


KUPILKA LS 850 KNIFE: Professional easy clean skinning knife.

  • Utility Model FI 10657
  • Length 217 mm
  • Blade length 85 mm
  • Weight 193 g / 6.8 ounces

DESIGN: Heikki Koivurova designed a Finnish quality knife that is made from the best materials for optimum usability, practicality and a unique appearance.

MATERIALS: Blade 3 mm thick stainless steel, W.-NR.4110 (X55 CrMo 14), 57-58 HRC. Kareline natural fibre composite handle with stainless steel screws and neodymium magnets.

USAGE: Two-piece handle with strong magnets folds on top of the blade ensuring safety.