Customer register privacy policy

Personal data act (523/99) 10 §
1. Register holder
Kupilka / Plasthill Oy
Lukantie 6
80770 Kontiolahti as.
Tel. +358 (0)13 732 008 (weekdays from 9 am to 4 pm)
2. Data privacy officer
Jillul Hoque Manik
3. Name of the register
Kupilkan asiakasrekisteri
4. Register source Customers, who have made a purchase through the Kupilka web shop ( and people who have joined the Kupilka customer program.
5. Purpose of processing personal data
The purpose of the register is to nurture the customer relationship, maintain, analyze and develop the customer service, and target marketing campaigns to different customer groups.
The collected personal data can be used for marketing purposes, as designated by the Finnish personal data law (523/1999).
6. Content of personal data in the register
The register can contain and handle information belonging to the following groups:
Basic data, such as: name, birthday, sex, email addresses, phone numbers, mail addresses, topics of interest and other information given by the register member.
Information linked to being a customer or another valid connection, such as: identification data linked to the use of the web shop; (regular customer number); starting date of the customer relationship and direct marketing approvals or denials.
Information linked to special offers and other communication, such as: offers, services and campaigns directed at the registered user, and their use, together with other valid communication and actions, linked to the registered user´s role as a customer.
7. Regular sources of personal data
The data is collected mainly from the register member in the beginning, and during the course of, the customer relationship or other valid connection.
Personal data updates will also be received by the officials, organizations, companies, public registers and other public services offering update services
8. Regular transfers and handling over data outside the EU or the European Economic Area (EEA)
Plasthill Oy can transfer personal data within the limits of the current legislation accordingly:
By approval of the registered user;
To assigned third parties inasmuch as they participate in implementing the purpose of use designated in this customer register. Plasthill Oy obliges the mentioned parties to keep all the personal data given to them in safety and to protect the personal data in an adequate way, and
Complying to the requirements of mandatory legislation.
Transfers outside of the EU and ETA countries:
Plasthill Oy may transfer personal data outside of the EU and ETA countries, according to the purposes designated in this customer register and data protection, and
Plasthill Oy gives or transfers personal data outside of the EU and ETA countries solely to organizations, which have been verified to comply with adequate data protection level by Plasthill Oy, either by contracts or in another way, required by the law.
Due to technical and data use practical purposes, the information may be kept on the servers of outside service providers used by Plasthill Oy. These outside service providers may handle information for account of Plasthill Oy.
In the case of data transfers, personal data law (523/1999) and the personal directive (95/46/EY) by the European Union, are applied.
9. Rights of the data subject
The registered users have, within the limits of the law, the right to a.) check the information that Plasthill Oy has collected off him/her; b.) demand correction or deleting of faulty, unnecessary, incomplete or outdated personal data; c.) deny Plasthill Oy the right to use his/her personal data for direct marketing and market research purposes.
The aforementioned rights can be used by contacting the data register officer, using the contact information provided in the beginning of this customer register privacy policy.
10. Data protection principles
The use of the register has been controlled and limited in the register keeper´s organization in such a way, that access to the information stored in the data system is granted and allowed to only those workers, who through their role are entitled to do so. The data system is protected by a protection program of the operating system. Entering the system requires filling in user identification and password by each register user.
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