Roots and design


One day while sitting around the campfire, my grandpa reached for my cup and said, ”Kupilka is an old name, from times way back. Even in ancient times it was a tradition to sit around the fire and drink from a small cup. Sometimes a hot drink, sometimes something sweeter. When evening came, your own Kupilka was like your best friend; it signaled a time to listen to stories, to the waves on the lake and the trees in the forest.”


The roots of Kupilka's design are deep in history. In 1775 man called Kuisma was brewing alcoholic beverages. To taste the homebrew Kuisma carved cup using the knowledge and expertise shared by his ancestors. Later the cup got a name harakkakuppi (the Magpie Cup). This cup is the first proven cup representing Kupilka style and is nowadays kept in museum in Finland.

200 years later there was a family that had gathered experience in making cups and bowls for 25 years. The family wanted to found a company with ethical values and ecological mindset. On top of that they had a dream to leave behind the hustle and bustle of the capital region and live surrounded by the forests, lakes and snow. 

In 1996 a decision to move out of the Helsinki was made and the family ended up in eastern Finland. The business premises was build beside the home on a beautiful hill called Pyytivaara in Kontiolahti North-Karelia. In the 1990's it was rather exceptional to think "green" but the family was convinced that this is the only way to go. Company became to be the very first in Finland to use green energy (EKOenergy nowadays) in all its production.

Meanwhile in Puugia, a wood technology center located in Kontiolahti's neighboring town Joensuu, were developed Kareline® Natural Fibre Composites, a new type of materials from Finnish soft wood. During the development process Heikki Koivurova, an industrial designer, and Kari Kuisma, an innovator, got to know each other.

In 2003 Koivurova and Kuisma created cup named Kupilka 21 from Kareline® Natural Fibre Composites based on the design of Harakkakuppi, the tasting cup made by Kuisma's ancestors. This drinking vessel started the story of Kupilka 20 years ago. Kupilka 21 is still the most popular product and is a living classic.

The family company from Pyytivaara started manufacturing the Kareline® Natural Fibre Composites in 2011. Couple years later in 2014 the production of Kupilka products was relocated to Pyytivaara and the family company had a thrilling duo in their hands. Both the material and the products fit the green values of the company and story was ready to continue.

Nowadays the Kupilka-cups inspired by the original Harakkakuppi are used mostly to enjoy coffee and tea but from time to time the cups are used in their original function as a tasting vessels. In the end our favorite cup is meant to hold whatever we appreciate the most - back then as well as now, and in the future.



A Finnish industrial designer, known for his down to earth attitude and beautiful organic yet functional forms, is the main designer of KUPILKA dishware and knives. Originally from Finnish Lapland but now living in North Karelia – close to where the name Kupilka originates from. Kupilka series combine Finnish traditions with the latest technology and the best materials. Functionality, top quality and aesthetics have been the main drivers in the design process. Whether in a group or alone, Kupilka brings Nordic edge to your dining moments.


Kupilka's very own Kareline® natural fibre composite: 50 % eco-friendly softwood-based cellulose fibres as the reinforce material and 50 % food-grade polyolefins as the adhesive material.

Products made from this material age beautifully yet keeping their qualities. Kareline® natural fibre composite materials were initiated in Puugia, the center for wood technology in Joensuu, Finland.

Blades: Stainless steel by Laurin Metalli W.-NR.4110 (X55 CrMo 14), 57-58 HRC

Ferrocerium rod of Firesteel from EU, striker as a by-product of Finnish metal industry, coloring may vary

Reindeer leather cord: Reindeer leather is uniquely soft, thin and durable. It is considered to be an ethical option as reindeer live most of their lives free and the leather is obtained as a by-product of food production.

Cardboard packages: Cardboard from responsible managed forests, recycled

Plywood cases: High quality, ecological and insightful gift boxes made by local Kolo Design Oy, manufactured from Finnish plywood. Patented hinge method allows to assemble the cases without glue, screws or tools.



Kupilka comparison chart
The products can be recycled, incinerated for heat energy or returned to us for re-use. Kupilka® fulfils the requirements of EU No 10/2011 and 1935/2004/EC §3.