The products are made from our natural fibre composite which favours the use of renewable energy sources. The wood for the material comes from the certified forests in Finland. Both the products and the material are manufactured in Pyytivaara near Kontiolahti, Finland using EKOenergy. Did you know that we were one of the first companies in the world to start using green electricity? The wide operating temperature of the product (-30 °C – 100 °C) together with the resistance of the material ensure a durable product for years to come. This also means a smaller carbon footprint. At the end of the life span the products can be recycled, incinerated for heat energy or returned to the manufacturer for re-use. KUPILKA packaging is made from recycled cardboard which can be recycled or burned.


According to a study conducted by an independent consultant, the carbon footprint of the manufacture of Kupilka products and Kareline natural fibre composite is zero (0 kg CO2-eq). The study was performed in accordance with the main principles of ISO 14040 and ISO 14044. The most popular product of the Kupilka range, Kupilka 21 cup and teaspoon in triangular packaging, was selected as the subject of the study.

How is it possible to achieve zero CO2 emissions?

  1. All waste flows of the production phase are re-used.
  2. Electricity used in the production is carbon neutral EKOenergy. On top of this there are 140 solar panels installed on the roof of the factory.
  3. Heating of the factory is performed using waste heat flows and carbon neutral electricity.

Kupilka Carbon footprint

The carbon footprint is 0.23 kg CO2-eq when the raw material procurement and transportation processes, the manufacture of Kupilka product and the purchase of packaging materials (production and transport) are included in the calculation. Equally low carbon footprint is achieved by growing 1.2 kg of potatoes. The majority (over 65%) of the whole life cycle’s carbon footprint is caused by washing of the product. Kupilka recommends washing the products with consideration and using eco-friendly detergents.


We think happy employees are better employees. We do our best to create a work environment where each employee can excel. From time to time the company organises physical exercises during work time to support health. For better team spirit, we have the tradition to organise events based on different occasions such as Christmas party, annual get-together outside the work place aswell as summer trips to various locations.


We believe that every company should do its part in giving back to the society. We have a long tradition in supporting the less fortunate around the globe through Plan International godchild sponsorship. At the moment, our godchild is from Honduras. We support events that encourage people to go outdoors with various competitions, for example Sleep The Night Out event organised by Suomen Latu. We also encourage kids to a more active life by sponsoring sports like Finnish baseball and local juvenile ice hockey practice. During the summer break, the company employs students in order to introduce them to work life – and naturally every employee gets paid for their work. The company also offers internships for students. Creating a good bond with the community has been in a key role ever since the company was established. Voluntary work, job opportunities, open doors’ day and supporting our community all play a crucial role in attaining a happy coexistence.