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From the Wilderness of

North Karelia

Kupilka products and Kareline natural fiber composites are manufactured in Pyytivaara, Kontiolahti. Behind the production stands a family-owned business from North Karelia, which is approaching its 30th anniversary. We aim to be a progressive, efficient, and unique player in our field, enabled by our exceptional expertise in natural fibre composites and production processes. Our company values and principles are represented in our quality and environmental policies, to which we are committed.

The story of both composite materials and dishware began in Joensuu around the turn of the millennium. As demand grew both domestically and globally, the production of the materials and dishware shifted to Pyytivaara in 2010s. You can read more about the company and the product’s history here

Made to last

Long-lived & Durable

Our goal is to offer long-lasting, sustainable, timeless, carbon-neutral, and functional Kupilka products for various needs. Our products are designed and manufactured to withstand the test of time and usage.

The longevity of Kupilka is attributed to the use of Kareline Natural Fibre Composite in the manufacturing process. Kupilka products endure the bumps of the adventures, many washes, and years of hard use. Kupilka dishes can be cleaned in a dishwasher, and they do not absorb any flavors or odors. The natural fiber composite ensures a wide operating temperature range from -30°C to +100°C. Our products do not get hot, so your hands won’t burn while enjoying meals and beverages.

Over time, Kupilka dishes develop a beautiful patina without compromising usage or functionality. We’ve heard stories from users who still have their very first Kupilka products from 20 years ago in use.

Merging with Nature

Without Leaving a Trace

The phrase "merging with nature without leaving a trace" summarizes both our Kupilka products' and our company's mission. From the beginning, it has been crucial for us to operate with respect for nature and to do our best to minimize our environmental impact. We aspire to serve as an example of how everyday business choices and actions can ensure the preservation of our environment for future generations.

Kupilka products are crafted from Kupilka's unique Kareline BioNFC natural fibre composite. This composite consists of 50% Nordic softwood cellulose and 50% food-grade polyolefins.The wood used in the composite comes from certified Finnish forests. The overall biobased content of this Kupilka's composite material is 62 %.

The Kupilka production process generates very little waste procucts. Items that do not meet our quality standards can be recycled within our own production. Cups with color defects or bowls with minor damage are ground down and repurposed into new products. Additionally, Kupilka products that have reached the end of their life cycle can be ground down, allowing us to create components like handles for Kupilka FireSteels.

At the end of their life cycle, our products can be returned to the manufacturer for re-use, recycled, or converted into thermal energy

With Everyday Choices

To Minimum Emissions

Both Kupilka products and Kareline Natural Fibre Composites are manufactured using EKOenergy-certified renewable energy certified. This energy is produced from biogas, wind, and hydropower plants built before 1996. Our company have been using environmentally certified energy since 1998, making us the first end-user company of renewable energy in Finland.

In addition to using EKOenergy, we have made other choices that impact energy consumption and usage:

Solar Panels: We have installed 140 solar panels on the roof of our facilities, allowing us to currently generate approximately 10% of our annual energy needs.
Waste Heat Recovery: The heating of our production areas primarily relies on capturing waste heat from production processes.
Lighting: Our production spaces are illuminated using energy-efficient LED lights.

We also pay attention to used packaging and customer shipments:

Recycled materials: We select individual packaging boxes to include as much recycled material as possible
Multipurpose packaging: A large part of our packaging are designed to fit multiple different products or product sets
Efficient Customer Shipments: We choose appropriately sized boxes and use paper as filler
Reuse of Existing Packaging: Whenever possible, we reuse intact packaging that has been previously used or returned to the factory

Choose the Quality

Made in Finland

Kareline Natural Fibre Composites and Kupilka products are designed and manufactured in Finland, with the contribution of Finnish labor. Kupilka products bear both Design from Finland- and Key Flag-symbols, Kareline materials have been awarded with Key Flag symbol.

We aim to make necessary procurements from Finland whenever possible, close to our delivery location. This minimizes transportation costs and emissions while supporting local businesses. Nearby suppliers also allow for swift and flexible delivery schedules. When selecting suppliers, we also pay attention to the company's values and ensure they align with our own principles.

Tracking the Actions

Quality and Environmental Management

Our company’s quality and environmental system is based on the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 standards. The system aims to ensure the quality, consistency, and reliability of the products and services we offer. Every delivered product must meet both our internally set and our customers’ quality, practical, and ecological requirements.

In accordance with the quality and environmental system, we have set goals and corresponding metrics. By tracking these, we can continuously improve our system, set new objectives, and enhance our company’s performance.

Our quality management relies on internal monitoring throughout production, packaging, and delivery processes. Each employee contributes to this monitoring according to their role.

The goal of environmental management is to detect, understand, and reduce the environmental impact of our operations. Respecting nature aligns with our company values and is an integral part of our daily work. Every employee has the opportunity to influence environmental impact by examining their own practices and actions.

Emission Calculation

Our company has committed to participating in the UNFCCC’s Race to Zero campaign. The campaign aims to encourage companies to take concrete actions to halve their carbon footprint by 2030. We are partnering with SME Climate Hub in this initiative. As part of the campaign, our company must commence emission calculation no later than June 2024.

We have calculated our 2023 carbon footprint using the emission calculation tool provided by the Central Chamber of Commerce. The calculation encompasses all significant emission sources within our company. The calculation was made in February 2023 for the period 02/2023-01/2024. You can read the emission calculation report here:

Kupilka 21 with Spoon

Product Emission Calculation

According to a 2018 calculation, the carbon footprint of the Kareline material and the production of the Kupilka 21 cup and teaspoon is 0 kg CO₂e.

When considering raw material procurements and transportation, manufacturing of Kupilka product and Kareline materia, as well as the manufacturing and transportation of packaging materials, our product’s carbon footprint amounts to 0.23 kg CO₂e. A significant portion of the entire life cycle carbon footprint arises from product washing during use.

The product-specific calculation was conducted for our company by LCA Consulting Oy, an impartial consulting firm. The study focused on our most popular product in the lineup.

Working Together

The Kupilka Team

The production of Kupilka products is not a solitary endeavor. Behind the high-quality dishware and natural fibre composite materials lies a skilled, knowledgeable, and thriving work community. Our company aims to support employees’ initiative, skill development, and the showcasing of their strengths.

We provide a safe work environment where potential accident risks are minimized. We actively listen to employees to enhance the work environment and processes, striving to meet their needs.

To promote employee well-being, we offer a bicycle benefit for electric bikes and organize shared exercise sessions at the local sports hall. In order to ensure the team spirit, we arrange joint activity days, event, and outings, not forgetting our annual Christmas celebrations.

Commitment & Work

For the Common Good

As a company, we believe that we have the opportunity to contribute to the collective well-being of society. Through small actions, we can make an impact both locally and globally.

Our office is situated in a remote area, employing 17 full-time individuals. For years, our company has hired local youth for summer jobs, providing them with an opportunity to explore the working world, develop their skills, and learn about functioning within a working community.

Locality is of utmost importance to us, and we take pride in our roots in Kontiolahti’s Pyytivaara. The active village community of Pyytivaara has supported our company from the very beginning, offering mutual assistance during events, work opportunities, and community gatherings.

Through our work, we aim to encourage people to embrace outdoor activities and movement by supporting various events and initiatives. We particularly endorse local child and youth activities and environmental education, ensuring that Finland’s outdoor traditions are passed down to future generations.

Furthermore, we recognize the significance of international work and advocacy. We contribute to various fundraisers and support Plan International’s sponsorship programs, directing resources to those in need. Beyond charity, we strive to build an ethical work environment both within our company and globally. To achieve this, we have developed and signed our company's Code of Conduct, which outlines principles for ethical conduct, including transparency, adherence to regulations, anti-corruption efforts, and respect for human rights.