Roots & Design


One day while sitting around the campfire, my grandpa reached for my cup and said, ”Kupilka is an old name, from times way back. Even in ancient times it was a tradition to sit around the fire and drink from a small cup. Sometimes a hot drink, sometimes something sweeter. When evening came, your own Kupilka was like your best friend; it signalled a time to listen to stories, to the waves on the lake and the trees in the forest.”



A Finnish industrial designer, known for his down to earth attitude and beautiful organic yet functional forms, is the main designer of KUPILKA dishware and knives. Originally from Finnish Lapland but now living in North Karelia – close to where the name Kupilka originates from. KUPILKA series combine Finnish traditions with the latest technology and the best materials. Functionality, top quality and aesthetics have been the main drivers in the design process. Whether in a group or alone, KUPILKA brings Nordic edge to your dining moments.


Our very own Kareline® natural fibre composite: Eco-friendly cellulose fibres from certified Finnish forests reinforce the material with FDA approved polypropylene used as an adhesive. (Ratio: 50% wood-based cellulose fibres + 50% thermoplastic). Products from this material age beautifully yet keeping their qualities. The development of Kareline® natural fibre composite material was initiated by Puugia, the Centre for Wood Technology in Joensuu, Finland.


The products can be recycled, incinerated for heat energy or returned to us for re-use. Kupilka® fulfils the requirements of 1935/2004/EC §3 and EU No 10/2011.

Kupilka Stamp