Materiaalin kehityksellä kohti pienempää hiilijalanjälkeä

With material development towards a smaller carbon footprint

The unique material tailored to Kupilka enables the products to be durable and ecological

Kupilka-products have been manufactured from Kareline-naturalfibrecomposite right from the beginning. Composite consists of %0 % Nordic soft wood cellulose and 50 % food-grage polyolefins. The used material ensures the great features of Kupilka:

- Light to carry around
- Durable and long-lasting
- Dishwasher safe
- Safe and sturdy to hold as the dishes won't come hot


In 2023 Kupilka turned 20 years and to honor this milestone we improved the materiali tailored to Kupilka to be even better. During 2024 we are going to use new improved Kareline BioNFC-natural fibe composite in all manufacturing. The bio-based content of this custom-made material have been increased from 50 % up to 62 %. Thus we have been able to decrease our raw material carbon footprint.

On top of smaller carbon footprint the products made from the improved material are even easier to clean because the material is denser. Because of this, the products also get a light age patina more slowly. The new material enables more precise, deeper and long-lasting laser marking.

Mauri Kunnas' Christmas Selection was the first product range of Kupilka that has been made using the improved Kareline BioNFC-material. The rollout for the new material is planned for 2024 across all Kupilka products and markets. Both the material and the products are made with EKOenergy in Kontiolahti, North Karelia Finland.