A Pioneer in Eco-Friendly Manufacturing

A Pioneer in Eco-Friendly Manufacturing

Original article published: 22 November 2023 by EKOenergy ecolabel
c/o Finnish Association for Nature Conservation

Source: https://www.ekoenergy.org/kupilka-a-pioneer-in-eco-friendly-manufacturing/

Finnish company Kupilka has been using eco-labelled electricity for 25 years!

Sustainability is deep in the company’s DNA

A family company, now called Kupilka, manufactures injection-moulded products that are designed to last. Their products, such as cups, plates, and cutlery, are made from natural fibre composite material sourced from certified forests in Finland. Sustainability and connectivity with nature are deep in the company’s DNA. From the outset, the founders wanted to set up a company that would operate ethically and environmentally friendly. In the 1990s, they moved from Finland’s capital area to North Karelia to make their products while being in nature.

However, Kupilka soon realised that energy was an essential component of their production process, and the origin of the electricity they used became a topic, too. Finland was one of the first countries to liberalise its energy markets. Since late 1998, all electricity users, including private households, have been able to choose their preferred electricity supplier and the origin of their electricity. The Finnish Association for Nature Conservation actively promoted the use of renewable energy and created the Norppa Ecolabel for renewable energy. Kupilka became one of the very first users of Norppa-labelled electricity in 1998.

It’s worth mentioning that Kupilka didn’t just choose what their supplier offered. Rather the other way around: over the years, on several occasions, they told their energy supplier, the local energy company Pohjois Karjalan Sähkö (PKS), how important it was for them to get electricity endorsed by a third party such as the Finnish Association for Nature Conservation.

When the markets began to internationalise, and the Norppa label was replaced with the international EKOenergy label launched in 2013, Kupilka became one of its first users. They also use EKOenergy’s name on their products to prove they have been produced with 100% sustainable, renewable energy.

This means that they have now been using the most sustainable electricity possible, with ecolabel and recommended by an environmental organisation, for 25 years! Probably a record, not just in Finland, but worldwide.

“At a trade fair in Germany, people were excited about our EKOenergy use and wondered why we weren’t promoting it more. We took note and started proudly declaring our commitment.”

Arja Kaasinen, Kupilka.

Thanks, Kupilka and PKS

Today, we pay homage to Kupilka for their unwavering commitment over the last 25 years to use eco-labelled electricity. Kupilka has been a trailblazer in eco-friendly manufacturing, and we wouldn’t be where we are now without the support of pioneers like them. Their story is a testament to the courage and vision required to pave the path less travelled, a journey that started as a conviction and has now evolved into a global phenomenon.

As we celebrate this milestone, let’s remember that even small steps, taken with conviction, can lead to significant, lasting change.

Thank you, PKS, for providing EKOenergy to your customers.

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