Mauri Kunnaksen rakastetut hahmot seikkailevat nyt yhdessä Kupilkan kanssa!

The beloved characters of Mauri Kunnas join Kupilka on an adventure!

Fall 2023 brought for Kupilka some waited novelties as during the October we launched 9 different products in two different colors decorated with the beloved characters of Mauri Kunnas.

Mauri Kunnas is a Finnish author of children books. His career as an author speaks for itself as to date, over 40 books have been published, in 35 languages in 36 countries. Kunnas’ talent to cast historical events in a new and hilarious way have gathered people to enjoy his tales and stories regardless the age for years. He has an unparalled gift to offer his readers the joy of discovery – the wonderful art of the books invites to immerse oneself in time after another.

The first Mauri Kunnas Kupilka-collection consists of characters known from Mauri Kunnas’ Chrismas tales; reindeer, Rascal the Elf, Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus alongside Heikki the Spidey, the little trickster that has stolen many hearts over the years by hiding throughout the pages of Mauri Kunnas’ books.

The product family includes variable collection of different size drinking and eating vessels. Every Mauri Kunnas fan will find suitable products for themselves regardless the age and size. Products are available in Original- and Cranberry-colors.

Kupilka-products are long-lasting, recyclable and machine-washable. The Mauri Kunnas characters decorating the products are made with laser, and therefore last long even in harder use!